Clever Clove

Clove loves to wow crowds with with her freestyle tricks! Her favorites are walking backwards and balancing on Haeleigh's back.

About us

Fflash Lightning!

Fflash is our resident comedian. Everyone will love seeing this special boy jump rope! 

Haeleigh has been training dogs since 2009, when she signed up for an agility class on a whim. Since then, she has become an accomplished trick trainer and a world class exhibitor in the sport of canine freestyle flying disc. 

She graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2011 with a degree in zoology, and a focus on animal behavior and learning theory. She trains using positive methods and believes in helping every dog reach its full potential. 

She currently shares her life with 6 amazing dogs from various walks of life and works full time training and performing with her dogs at events across the country. 

Rocket ​Wren

Don't blink! Whether Wren is performing her signature back flip or rolling over, everything this girl does, she does at the speed of light! 


Welcome our newest dog! Aiko is a young Great Dane who joined us in March of 2019. She's busy learning the ropes and will be making her debut this summer!

Haeleigh Hyatt

Crazy ​Sage 

Sage LOVES kids. Her favorite part of every show is the kids competition where they get to play with her!

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The Aim High Canines perform disc, dock, agility, tricks, and more at fairs, festivals, amusement parks, sporting events and private functions across the United States. Our motto is "Reach for the Stars." We believe that every person and every dog has what it takes to be great! All of our dogs have overcome significant challenges to become the stars that they are today. Some of them wouldn't be here if not for our perseverance! 

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Amazing Mellie

As of 2019 (at 13 years old), Mellie is enjoying a well-deserved retirement. She loved being our star agility dog!

Talented Tucker

Gone, but not forgotten. Tucker left us late in 2018 at a month shy of 14. He is sorely missed and his lively spirit lives on in our show. 


Eva joined our shows in 2018. She's quickly become a staple and is a VERY enthusiastic disc dog. This year she will be learning high jump and freestyle dance